Top 05 Thriller Movies Releasing in April 2024

Are you waiting for Upcoming Thriller Movies that Will be Release In April 2024 – I Created a List for you if you are fan of cinema and love to watch Thriller Movies.”This month is really going to be amazing for you. Whether you’re a Hollywood movies lover or a Bollywood movies lover. Because April is full of excitement and thrill.”

Top 05 Thriller Movies

1. Bade Miya Chote Miya

Lets Start With Bollywood, When Akshay Kumar, the beloved actor, and Tiger Shroff, known as an iconic action hero and stuntman, come together on the screen, it’s going to be a blast. Their fan following is worldwide, and with a great concept for the film, like always, Tiger Shroff’s movies are filled with action and thrills. And if a talented actor like Akshay Kumar adds a touch of comedy to it, then it’s bound to be a super hit in Bollywood’s thriller movies genre.

Thriller Movies
GenreRelease DateCast
Action-ThrillerApril 11, 2024Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Sonakshi Sinha, Manushi Chhillar, Alaya F, Ronit Bose Roy

2. Monkey Man

The Monkey Man, packed with action and thriller, is set to rock on April 5th. Critics have given this film a very positive response. Its storyline is also going to be quite interesting because while it gives off a vibe similar to John Wick, it also incorporates elements of Indian culture.

Thriller Movies
DetailMonkey Man (2024)
Release DateApril 5, 2024 (US)
CastDev Patel (Kid), Sharlto Copley, Pitobash, Sobhita Dhulipala

3. Civil War

This intense film, directed by Alex Garland of Annihilation, portrays a fictional America in the near future, caught in the midst of a civil war. Dunst stars as a photojournalist capturing the chaos as a large-scale invasion unfolds in Washington, D.C. on the Fourth of July.

Thriller Movies
GenreDystopian Action Sci-Fi
Release DateApril 12, 2024 (UK)
Cast* Kirsten Dunst * Wagner Moura * Cailee Spaeny * Stephen McKinley Henderson * Nick Offerman

4. Abigail

After a group of criminals kidnaps the 12-year-old daughter of a powerful underworld figure, they expect an easy $50 million ransom. Their plan is to watch over the girl overnight in an isolated mansion. However, as the night progresses, the captors begin to disappear one by one. They soon realize they are trapped inside with something far from a normal little girl, leading to mounting horror. This Movie Can be Listed in Best Thriller Movies.

Thriller Movies
GenreMonster Horror, Thriller
Release DateApril 19, 2024 (USA)
Cast* Melissa Barrera * Dan Stevens * Kathryn Newton * William Catlett * Kevin Durand * Angus Cloud * Alisha Weir * Giancarlo Esposito

5. The First Omen

The best of April in Thriller Movies we listed this on 5th Number.A young American woman is sent to Rome to start serving the church but faces a darkness that challenges her faith. Along the way, she stumbles upon a chilling conspiracy aimed at bringing forth the embodiment of evil.

Thriller Movies
GenreSupernatural Horror
Release DateApril 5, 2024 (US)
Cast* Nell Tiger Free * Tawfeek Barhom * Sônia Braga * Ralph Ineson * Bill Nighy

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