According to Ian Bohen, the finale of ‘Yellowstone’ will be the greatest one ever

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

Soon, the second half of Yellowstone’s fifth season will be on air, and Ian Bohen, one of the show’s actors, wants fans to get excited. He recently talked about what to expect from the final season, saying it will be the best possible ending. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bohen hinted that fans will be happy with how the show wraps up and assured them that the finale will be satisfying and make sense. He also promised that it will be worth the wait and declared it will be the greatest finale ever.

So, you know how everyone’s been talking about how great the show is, right? Well, there have been a lot of stories going around about the making of the show that might make you doubt those claims. Like, they said left because he wanted to work on another show called “Horizon: An American Saga,” and there were rumors he had some disagreements with the creator of “Taylor Sheridan. But, he did mention that he’d be up for doing a little cameo in the final episode of the show”.

in an interview with The Independent, Luke Grimes, who’s in ‘Yellowstone‘ with Kevin Costner, talked about Costner leaving the show. Grimes said he understood why Costner left and that it’s sad he did. He mentioned Costner got busy with his passion projects, like the newly announced Horizon: An American Saga. Grimes basically said, “Sometimes you gotta do what you love, no matter what”.

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Who does Ian Bohen play in ‘Yellowstone’?

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In ‘Yellowstone,’ Ian Bohen portrays Ryan. He works as a Ranch Hand at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and also as a Livestock Agent for the Montana Livestock Association. He showed up first in season 1, episode 10 called ‘Daybreak,’ and he kept popping up in the show regularly until the end of season 3. Then, in seasons 4 and 5, he was promoted to being a main cast member.”

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