Best 80s Movies About Robots

80s Movies About Robots

Robots in 80s movies often symbolize our fears of unchecked technological progress. They also have the potential to spark conversation about morality and humanity.

While many of the special effects from decades past now look cheesy by today’s standards, a few films remain timeless. Here are 09 of the best 80s movies about robots.

Short Circuit (1986)

80s Movies About Robots

Howard Marner, a weapons maker, shows off his advanced robot soldiers at a military event. But a thunderstorm strikes one of them, and it jolts to life. Its name is Number Five, and it quickly develops a human-like intelligence.

Scientists Newton Crosby and Ben Jabituya attempt to stop a rogue robot with the help of their security head. W. Bailey) can find it. A likable movie with some decent jokes and plenty of acltion.

Blade Runner (1982)

80s Movies About Robots

The sci-fi genre’s heyday was in the 80s Movies, when state-of-the-art special effects and gripping storytelling danced together. These dazzling films captured our collective imagination, while also prompting contemplation on the profound ethical implications of artificial intelligence.

Number 5, a military robot, gains sentience when struck by lightning and escapes its facility. Different from the usual dystopian future story, it focuses on free will and the meaning of being alive.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1986)

80s Movies About Robots

A spaceship lands in Washington, and the police and military quickly surround it. A humanoid named Klaatu emerges and holds out a metal object. A gigantic robot named Gort soon appears and shoots him, melting the soldiers’ guns, tanks, and other weapons with his ray.

Only a small part of this old movie remains. However, it is important.

This movie inspired films about a world with robots. These robots have their own personalities. It also inspired Doug Trumbull’s work on 2001: A Space Odyssey and WALL*E.

The Terminator (1984)

80s Movies About Robots

The film that made Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killer cyborg famous. James Cameron’s vision of a future ruined by unstoppable robots continues to impact all subsequent sci-fi films.

The Terminator removes its eye in a motel room. It does this to read an address book and find Sarah. This scene is well-known. This is a masterful moment in terms of both broad humor and badass fighting-robot heroics.

The Matrix (1999)

80s Movies About Robots

The 80s Movies had famous robot movies that made people interested in artificial intelligence and think about important ethical questions. Their seamless blend of state-of-the-art visual effects and gripping storytelling made these films stand the test of time.

Keanu Reeves is a programmer who discovers that our world is a fake created by intelligent machines. These machines use humans’ heat and energy to control them. The Matrix is a great sci-fi movie with amazing visuals and interesting concepts.

The Human Centipede (1993)

80s Movies About Robots

Few movies explore the blurry line between humans and technology as well as this gory film. Tom Six’s horror film is about a deranged doctor. This doctor attempts to connect his prisoners by sewing their tongues to their anuses. The film also includes other disturbing elements.

A military robot gains self-awareness after lightning strikes it in this sci-fi classic. Its rogue nature poses a problem for its military owners.

The Matrix Reloaded (2001)

80s Movies About Robots

Steve Guttenberg, known for being the subject of many jokes, acted in Short Circuit with Ally Sheedy. He portrayed Johnny 5, a robot in the military who becomes conscious after lightning strikes him. It escapes the military facility to experience the world around it and aspires to become human.

Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece explores the meaning of humanity through a sentient robot-boy. The movie’s eerie imagery and philosophical questions remain as thought-provoking today as they did in 1979.

The Matrix Revolutions (2001)

80s Movies About Robots

The Wachowski siblings‘ sci-fi masterpiece explores reality and the effects of technology in a mind-bending way. It’s also a powerful plea for peace.

Steve Guttenberg stars as Number 5, a military robot who becomes self-aware after a lightning bolt strikes him. He renames himself Johnny 5. A loveable, quirky and fun film that’s a cult classic.

The Matrix (2014)

80s Movies About Robots

A lot of films from the ‘80s Movies have robots that are pretty cheesy, but there are also some great ones. In Short Circuit, lightning strikes a military robot called Number 5, causing it to become self-aware. He later changes his name to Johnny 5.

A movie about the fear of technology replacing us, with some Zen questioning of what is real. This is one of the most influential movies about robots from the ’80s Movies.

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