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Stranger Things Season 05 Leaks & Behind The Scene

Stranger Things Season 5


The most beloved Netflix web series, Stranger Things, has begun to capture fans’ attention with set images and behind-the-scenes glimpses from its highly anticipated upcoming Season 05.

As the final season of Stranger Things approaches, many of the original cast members are returning for the last chapter of the Upside Down saga. Fans might also recognize another familiar location from the popular Netflix series. In a recent video shared on the show’s official Instagram account,(Via ScreenRant) the creators revisit the Hawkins National Laboratory, a mysterious government facility introduced in the first season.

The Instagram story that has since disappeared showed the lab’s comeback, featuring a room from Season 4 adorned with rainbow paintings on the floor and walls. Among other unknown details, it’s uncertain if we’ll revisit the Rainbow Room before or after Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) banished Vecna to the Upside Down through a wall breach. Although nothing is confirmed yet, it’s probable that this location will play a vital role in the last episodes.

What can we expect from Season 5 of ‘Stranger Things’?

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In Season 5 of the show, we can expect a focus on the fictional town of Hawkins, especially after the dramatic events of Season 4. Throughout the last season, a character named Vecna, played by Jamie Campbell Bower, tried to destroy the Earth by opening more portals to the Upside Down. While the main characters achieved some temporary victories, they also suffered losses, and Vecna’s portal is still a threat to the real world.

Viewers last witnessed Hawkins in a dire situation, and it remains uncertain if the characters’ fortunes will improve when Stranger Things Season 5 arrives on Netflix. Executive producer Shawn Levy has mentioned that they plan to wrap up the series with a grand and deeply emotional finale. However, as the fifth and final season is still being filmed, fans might need to wait a bit longer for an official release date announcement.

Alongside Brown, who will be back as Eleven, many familiar faces from Hawkins, Indiana, will return for Season 5. This includes Wolfhard as Mike, McLaughlin as Lucas, Sink as Max, Dyer as Nancy, Heaton as Jonathan, Hawke as Robin, Keery as Steve, Ryder as Joyce, Harbour as Hopper, and others.

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